Museums of Málaga

Picasso Museum of Málaga

Buenavista Palace houses a permanent collection showing eight decades of work by Pablo Picasso, who was born in Málaga in 1881. The collection conveys the rigor and creativity of an artist who is essential to understand the history of Western art. Further, temporary exhibitions delve into the artistic context, while the program of activities proposes many ways to enjoy the arts.

museo picasso malaga

Centre Pompidou

The exhibition presented by the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou Malaga is divided into five topics: las metamorfosis, el cuerpo en pedazos, el cuerpo político, autorretratos, el hombre sin rostro (the metamorphosis, the body in pieces, the political body, self-portraits and the man without a face). They are extended pointing in two directions. It is an emblematic building and a unique cultural model.

centre pompidou malaga

Centre for Contemporary Art (CAC Málaga)

The CAC Málaga is located in the old Málaga Wholesale Market, a historic building. The museum is intended for reflection on and dissemination of contemporary art. Exhibitions, publications, conferences, educational programs, workshops and seminars are some of the many activities that make CAC Málaga a living, dynamic and innovative centre, open to all kinds of artistic and cultural events in the international vanguard.

cac malaga

Carmen Thyssen Museum

The Carmen Thyssen Museum Málaga is the most comprehensive collection of 19th-century Andalusian painting in Spain. It is located in the Palacio de Villalón, a 16th-century palatial building located in the heart of Málaga. The permanent collection consists of 230 works that brilliantly summarise 19th-century Spanish art.

museo carmen thyssen

Museum Jorge Rando

The Museum Jorge Rando, centre of reference for the work of this master from Málaga, is the first institution in Spain dedicated to the study, research and spreading of expressionist poetry, in the broad sense of the term, since the final decades of the XXIth to the present.

museum jorge rando malaga

Collection of Saint Petersburg, the Russian Museum Málaga

By means of a hundred pieces dating from the period between the XV and XX centuries that are specially selected for Málaga, in addition to the works, each year two temporary exhibitions will be integrated. Agreement signed by Málaga City Council and the mother Museum in St. Petersburg, allows a permanent dialog between Russian artistic creation and visitors.

museo ruso malaga

Gerald Brenan’s House

The house where lived the British writer Gerald Brenan is a cultural meeting point that aims to promote the connections between the Anglo-Saxon artists and the Spanish ones, that is to say, it aims to get that this house becomes a meeting place for cultures, as well as a place to think about new ideas. It is located in the district of Churriana.

gerald brenan